Brands win when the people who buy and use them win too

Eye-opening insight… and clear, practical recommendations for how to act on it.

Making it easy for brands to decide what to do next.

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Teams work with me when they need to know what their customers really value.

They want to be clear they are making choices that will help secure their brand’s future, and focusing time and investment on the right things.

The brands we buy everyday aren’t just products. They are habits, shortcuts, familiar friends and memories. We are marketing to humans, with all their emotional needs and contradictions – and brands win when the humans who buy them do too.

I bring to life the people behind the data, and what they think, feel and do – in all their real-life, messy, human glory. To give brands the evidence, confidence and inspiration to move forward.

Isabel Lydall

Founder and Research Director

Experienced qualitative researcher and insight professional with bags of FMCG client-side experience across brand marketing, insight and category management.

Professional memberships:  MRS, AQR, ICG
Education: MA in Marketing (Dist)

Fair-weather outdoor swimmer, foodie, bookworm,  owned by two unruly cats

As a client-side marketer I led some major household brands, through good times and trickier times..

I remember the desire to make a positive difference and leave a legacy – to pass on the business I’m responsible for in a better place than I found it.

And there are so many decisions to get right: which new products to back, how to evolve the brand and what it stands for to keep it fresh (while knowing which are the distinctive assets to keep), navigating internal stakeholder debates about anything from pricing and promotions to advertising… all while keeping a close eye on costs and making sure you’re investing your budget as effectively as possible.

I moved into insight client-side, and then became a researcher because the more marketing I did,

the more I realised that the humans who buy and use your brand are the key to absolutely everything.

I love bringing to life the real people who use your brand.  How they behave in the comfort of their own homes and lives, what they value and need – and what they really think of your ideas. And there are often some inspiring surprises, and reality checks in there.   You and your stakeholders inside the ‘marketing bubble’ can sometimes be very different to your target audience (first things first, you have a very different relationship with your brand!).

And it’s not just about doing the research – it’s what we do *with* it that counts.

An important part of my job is helping you get to the ‘so what?’  that follows on from building your knowledge of – and emotional connection to – your target humans.

It’s all about finding the win-wins for the brand and the people who buy it.  Practical, solution-focused and clear next steps.  Actionable recommendations across all the 4Ps, combining the new insights with my years of brand experience.

So that you can invest your time and resources with confidence, make decisions with evidence, and create a future for your brand that inspires your stakeholders by winning with the humans in your target audience.

Want to learn more about what I do, or discuss a potential brief? Please get in touch, I'd love to hear from you.